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I was a bit unsure about online coaching at first but I actually found I got more detailed and helpful feedback than when I’d had a trainer at the gym. I also found it really helpful in having someone to check in with during the week to keep me motivated and see how I was getting on. Also I found an online coach was more helpful in discussing my fitness goals as a whole including lifestyle and food rather than just what I was doing in training which allowed me to get much better results.


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Honestly, the online coaching was a new but enjoyable experience for me. I felt motivated & ambitious to get back to my fitness journey I had in college. If you guys are like me, or wanting to start, I’d recommend it!


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I have had many PT’s in the gym but never did they motivate me outside of the hour long session in regard to diet and consistency. After several failed attempts at getting stuck into the fitness mindset I chose to complete an 8 week block of online PT. I was sceptical at first, however, by the 2nd week I was beginning to feel the results of both solid advice in and out the gym but also encouragement in being consistent to the plan. I especially benefitted from the ‘out of the gym floor’ advice and weekly engagement via videocall’s. He pushed both a steady stream of encouragement with improvement tips for the videos of workouts I had completed. I would highly recommend an online PT if you are looking for someone who can develop a specific training plan to your requirements, improve your skills and technique while having a friendly face to ask questions and push you further.


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